Home and Business Security Solutions

Range of security services offered by us

Alarm Systems

Secure your premises when away

Security Cameras

Secure and monitor with CCTV cameras


Monitoring and maintenance packages

Access Control

Control ingress and egress into your property

Fever Scanning

Automate scanning of temperature based fevers

ANPR Camera

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Work with a trusted firm

For over 40 years, NSI has maintained a register of Approved Companies. These companies work to the highest industry standards demanded by the police, fire and rescue services and insurance industry.

Businesses and homeowners who choose NSI approved companies, such as TF Security, have the reassurance that their contractors are regularly audited by NSI to the latest standards, and provide high quality security systems.

Why chose TF Security:
  • Regularly checked to make sure service is up to date with latest guidelines
  • NSI Silver Accredited Installer
  • Police approved and checked
  • DBS Enhanced checked installers
  • Trusted Trader approved and recommended
  • Check-a-Trade 10/10 approved
  • Reliable, efficient service
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